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Colotemp Crayons

Easy to Use, Non-Toxic, Accurate Colotemp Crayons. Temperature Range 120°C to 600°C.


An established and reliable range of colour change Irreversible crayons that change colour when applied to pre-heated surfaces Ideal for production processes in Aluminium, Zinc, Textiles, Plastics, Glass, Enamelling and many more.



  • Check Surface Temperature
  • Metal Working – Heat Treating – Welding
  • Measurement of Operating Temperature
  • Easy to Use – Non-Toxic
  • Accurate ± 5°C
  • Temperature Range – 120°C to 600°C
  • 1 crayon holder per box of 10


  • Mark preheated surface where the measurement is desired
  • Immediate colour change indicates that the measurement surface is higher than the crayon rating
  • A colour change after (2) two seconds indicates that the measurement surface is lower than the crayon rating
  • Accuracy ± 5º C