Managing Director Of European Business
Deeside UK

25 years experience in the Thermochromic Materials Industry 1987 to 1991 – Production & Set Up Hallcrest Liquid Crystal Division 1992 to 1998 – International Sales Manager, 1999 to 2001 – VP of Operations, 2002 to date – Managing Director of European Businesses LCR Hallcrest.
Education: HND in Business


VP Operations North America
Glenview, IL

25 years experience in Liquid Crystal Industry: Production Assistant for Hallcrest, Inc., from 1986 to 1992; Sales Representative for Hallcrest, Inc. from 1992 – 1995. Founded Liquid Crystal Resources, Inc.(currently LCR Hallcrest) in 1998; Acting VP of Operations for LCR Hallcrest from 1998 to present.
Education: BS in Finance – Illinois State University


General Manager
Deeside, UK

18 years experience in the Thermochromic Materials Industry 1997 to 2003 – Hallcrest Irreversible Laboratory Manager 2004 to 2007 – TMC Hallcrest Technical Sales Manager 2008 to date – TMC Hallcrest General Manager of UK Operations.
Education: BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry


R&D Manager
Deeside, UK

35 years’ experience in Thermochromics. 1981 to date -Development of thermal melt chemicals in Thermax range. Laboratory manager for irreversible chemicals. 1986 -1990 -Development of cholesteric and chiral nematic liquid formulations and inks. Development of low temperature Chillchecker indicators. 1982 to date – Thermal paint development and calibration work. Development of colour change crayons. 2000 – date – Chromazone thermochromic production, development of inks. Development of Kromagen irreversible thermochromics. R&D management for irreversible products including interests in melt chemicals, irreversible and reversible indicators, hydrochromic indicators. Regulatory compliance work including safety data sheet preparation. Health and safety in laboratories and production – COSHH.


Head of Thermochromics
Deeside, UK

17 years’ experience in the Leuco Dye based thermochromic materials. 2004 -2006: RD manager for the ChromaZone range at TMC Hallcrest. 2006-2010: Technical Sales manager for the ChromaZone Range at TMC Hallcrest. Head of Thermochromics for ChromaZone range at TMC Hallcrest 2010 to date.
Education: PhD in organic chemistry


Sales Executive
Deeside, UK

10 years experience within the sales department of TMC Hallcrest
Hot metal composition/paste-up artist/typesetter. Apple Macintosh operator and software trainer. Marketing department at MBNA. Account executive Keatings Gravure.
Education: City and Guilds in Hot Metal Composition/Typography


Customer Support Team Leader
Deeside, UK

12 years experience within the TMC/LCR Hallcrest Sales and Customer Support Department (2003 – current).
Education: Business Administration NVQ – Coleg Cambria


Order Processor
Deeside, UK

12 years’ experience within the TMC Hallcrest Sales and Customer Support Department (2003 – current).
Education: Business Administration NVQ – Coleg Cambria


Operations Manager
Glenview, IL

24 years experience in Liquid Crystal Industry: Chemist for Hallcrest, Inc. (1990 to 1992): Lab Manager for Hallcrest, Inc. (1992 – 1998); Founding team member of Liquid Crystal Resources, Inc., (1998); LCR Hallcrest Operations Manager (1998 – Current)
Education: BS in Chemistry – Illinois State University


Director, Engineering and R&D
Glenview, IL

40 years manufacturing engineering experience: Project Engineer – Sargent and Lundy (1974 – 1980); Controls and Automation Project Engineer Abbott Laboratories ( 1981 – 1985); Manager Equipment Engineering – Abbott Laboratories (1985 – 1990) Manager, Manufacturing Technology Development, Abbott Laboratories (1991 -2010); Director, Engineering and R&D – LCR Hallcrest (2010 – current).
Education: BS, MS Engineering, University of Illinois.


Director, Sales and Marketing
Glenview, IL

13 years of Liquid Crystal Experience: Sales Representative – Mead Johnson (1975-77); Gambro – Sales Representative (1977 – 1978); Product Manager Dialysis – Gambro (1979-1981); Director of Marketing – Gambro (1981-1983); Division Manager – Gambro (1983-1985); Vice President Sales – Biosearch (1986-1990); President – Beech Medical (1991-1999); Vice President Sales – Medical Indicators (2000-2005); Director Sales and Marketing – LCR Hallcrest (2006-Present).
Education: BA, St. Leo University, MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology