Thermax Labels – Motorsport Applications

Thermax® Labels used on race brake calipers

Whilst the car is racing and trying to reach maximum pace the brakes are often applied hard, at this the time the friction of the pads against the rotating discs transfers heat to the calipers

If the temperature reaches 250°C the brake fluid may lose its non-compression status causing brake fade. If this happens the brake fluid should be replaced at the next pit stip.

The calliper is an ideal place for the Thermax® labels as it provides a clear view of the brake fluid temperature.

Thermax® labels used on engine cam covers – Race prepared engines

Whilst working at maximum performance, the top half of the engine still has to be kept within safe working limits or damage may occur.

Water moves around the engine to cool the components however this can reach boiling temperatures.

Thermax® labels can be used to record the water temperature being achieved whilst in motion giving a quick reference for the mechanics when the car is at its pit-stop.

These labels can be used on radiator and cylinder heads.

Thermax® labels used on shock absorbers – Competition shock absorbers on rear axle

Modified exhaust pipes, especially on turbo charged cars, produce much hotter air that can overheat the nearest shock absorber.

This can affect the vehicles handling and reduce up to one quarter of the cars suspension stability.

Placing Thermax® labels on the lower casing will give a clear indication if this is happening during a race.

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