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A range of Special Effect Pigments, Inks and Plastics.


Chromazone is a range of temperature sensitive Thermochromic Pigments and Inks that change from colour to colourless as the temperature rises. The colour reappears when the temperature is reduced again. Colour changing effects can be varied infinitely by applying Chromazone Pigments over coloured inks and coatings or blending with other transparent colorants.


The Thermochromic effect achieved through the use of Chromazone pigments, inks and coatings enhances the value to an endless variety of products and is a highly attractive eye-catcher. It is a highly effective route to product promotion and differentiation. As well as being a marketing tool, Chromazone can be used for a wide variety of functional applications in the areas of security/safety and anti-counterfeiting. The uses of Chromazone are limited only by the imagination.


ThermoStar Temperature Sensitive Inks


ChromaZone Powder and Dispersion


Thermochromic Pigment for Plastics