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Under CSA 2010, a safety program introduced in the USA, vehicle maintenance has become enforced as it is seen as the most important risk factor associated with heavy duty truck s & trailers. In particular excessive heat temperatures for prolonged periods can cause decreased function or failure of wheel-end components.


To provide a solution to warn staff of possible wheel end, bearing and brake failure.


LCR Hallcrest, in conjunction with one of their customers, have designed an Irreversible Label to warn drivers, maintenance personnel and safety inspectors of possible wheel end, bearing and brake failure during walk-around inspections. When the temperature of the wheel reaches 121°C / 250°F, the temperature-sensitive white arrow changes and remains bright orange, warning of an overheated wheel condition. Although the label is not designed to indicate all instances of a possible wheel end component malfunction, it improves the visual inspection and provides a very useful warning indicator which is also being considered for large mining and farming equipment, as well as buses and coaches.